KnowBee Policy

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We know how important it is to create trust with our brand with customers who support us, by buying our range of snack bars and recommending them to their social network.

Our entire ingredients from nuts, dry fruits, dark chocolate, natural honey, coconut oil is all purchased from highly reputable farms that have sustainable agriculture policies .

Natural pure honey is supplied by KnowBee and his dedicated honey bees from a farm that is kept a secret from us, in-case we approached the farm directly and bypass 

KnowBee organisation. Something we would never even consider doing.

We don't use palm oil or its derivatives disguised as "other than palm oil".

All Know bars are manufactured in small batches, and quality is tested throughout the manufacturing process.

We will not compromise our standards, so you don't have to.

The above views expressed are entirely by our official company mascot, KnowBee.

Perfect Brands Europe Ltd are contracted to fully comply with the above statement. 


KnowBee wishes to make the following pledge:

Your privacy and trust is important to us, when you visit our website to browse our range of goods and making your purchase. You can be rest assured your information is safe with us and will never be shared with any other hive or company not related to making your transaction through using your payment method via Pay Pal.

So, feel free to visit this site whenever you wish, knowing you're safe with us.

The above statement is made by KnowBee and fully endorsed by Perfect Brands Europe Ltd. 

Wholesale & Overseas Distribution
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We are naturally keen to make connections with people who would like to stock our Know Snack Bars for their business channels.Currently, the fastest growing brand in U.K

Currently we are looking for expansion in Middle Eastern markets, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

Simply reach out via e-mail with your contact details, and we will be in touch by return of business day.


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