Frequently asked questions

How can I buy these for my business ?

Simply send us your request by e-mail and we'll be in touch with a stock plan that will work for you in your selected area. You will soon see how financially rewarding this will be for you.

What are Know bars made from ?

Know Bars are made from selected dry fruits and nuts, and held together simply by a touch of honey.

Do you use any additives or preservatives in making a Know bar ?

None, whatsoever. We started our quest to making our range of bars, to be completely free of any nasty artificial flavours, preservatives and filler. Honey is a natural preservative, used for thousands of years. Why change now. ? And our company mascot - KnowBee is always around to check how we manufacture these highly rated bars according to our famous recipe.

How do you make Know bar look so inviting and distinct from others ?

It all boils down to using the best natural ingredients we can find and using our knowhow to make a snack bar that is highly nutritious and optically eye pleasing. While avoiding glossing them with sugar sprays and destroying the natural look of the bar. Using only natural honey makes the bar taste good and heightens the flavours of nuts and fruits used to mamke up each bar range. The idea is pretty simple, make something well that will promote good health and taste good.

Who is KnowBee ?

KnowBee is under contract to Know Snack Bar as sole company mascot and overall policy maker for Know bar range. Since we only use natural honey and no other sweetener like sugar, glucose syrup, artificial sweetener, we only use the highest quality natural honey, which only KnowBee and associates can supply us.

How much does KnowBee get paid for being your mascot ?

Quite frankly, we find this questioning quite out of order and rude to be honest. This is highly confidential matter and does not concern anyone besides our two parties. So, the answer is classified.

Does KnowBee pay UK taxes ?

Again this kind of questioning is highly inappropriate to be asking a honey bee. However, to put a stop to this intrusive nature of questioning, KnowBee and most importantly, Know Bar is fully registered in the UK and are fully obliged to pay UK corporate tax and any other associated taxes that we are obliged to pay, unlike other foreign based manufacturers from U.S.A and other regions that do not contribute to UK plc.

Where does KnowBee buy such fancy clothing ?

KnowBee is paid well for promoting Know snack bar. Being a mascot for a Perfect Brands company, KnowBee is contacted to always appear well groomed and wear outfits that are appropriate to enhance our company image. However, we did ask KnowBee's official spokesbee, and we were told to buzz off and never to ask such a dumb question again.

Will there be KnowBee soft toys for sale soon ?

KnowBee can confirm that official merchandise is currently under a licensing deal with other hives and once this is reached, release date will be forthcoming.

Can Knowbee sing or hum ?

Buzz off. KnowBee is known to hum to Mozart, Schubert, Beethhoven,Wagner, Strauss, Bach, Chopin, and many composers whilst searching for delicious honey. Recent addition to the tune hums is Hans Zimmer.

What is KnowBee's favourite tunes . . . . more added daily so check again soon

KnowBee can confirm the following favourite tunes - 1) Blue Dannube - Johann Strauss 2) Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner 3) Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig van Beethoven 4) Nocturne No. 20 in C sharp - Frederic Chopin 5) Air - Johann Sebastian Bach 6) Marriage d'Amour - Frederic Chopin