Know Bar Almonds_Apples_Cinnamon_Sultana
Know Bar Almonds_Apples_Cinnamon_Sultana

Know snack bar

Know Bar Peanuts_Almonds_Blueberries_Apr
Know Bar Peanuts_Almonds_Blueberries_Apr

Know snack bar

Know Bar Cashews_Almonds_Cranberries_HRS
Know Bar Cashews_Almonds_Cranberries_HRS

Know snack bar

Know Bar Almonds_Apples_Cinnamon_Sultana
Know Bar Almonds_Apples_Cinnamon_Sultana

Know snack bar


taste a new flavour everyday

Your journey to Know bar range starts right here

We have in total of eight different fruit and nut combinations ​for you to choose from. Each bar has a unique character and nut combination in the mix.

The original honeybar made only with premium natural honey. No other added refined sugars.

Each time you bite into our bar, you'll find your taste buds going into a sensational journey, as you discover real flavour from our nuts, giving you its distinctive note of perfect roast and taste.

Our bars are made in a state of the art factory designed for  manufacturing in small batches, so each bar maintaining freshness and flavour for you to enjoy in confidence, every time.

We don't do mass production here. We leave that to our competitors chasing big volume production, often compromising  quality and freshness as a consequence.

Enter our "Sense Real Flavours Again" 

Which Know bar will you select for each day ?, since a week consists of seven days, and our range offering is eight.!

We best let you make this important call.

After all you could always give the eighth one to a friend.


Delicious Healthy Bar For Anytime Snacking


We created Knowbar for people who crave for a snack that is natural,wholesome, nutritious and generally good for you, but without sneaking added disguised added sugars, fillers, binders that are full of empty calories and usually makes a poor snack choice.

So after sampling many recipes, we are able to offer great variety of snack bars.

 Made in small batches using the finest fruits,seeds and nuts available, then add a touch of natural honey to keep things together.

That's it. Simple honest snack.

Suitable for anyone looking for a healthy, convenient snack with the added benefit of good quality carbs and protein.


- From the book of Knowbar knowledge -

our Fruit & Nuts 


The journey of making delicious, Know Bar starts from selecting the best nuts direct from farmers harvest, after careful selection process, we ship then raw nuts to our factory for instant processing in our slow roasting ovens.

Our hand selected peanuts, almonds, walnuts,cashews, pistachios,pecans,Brazil nuts,hazels nuts,sunflower seeds all go through rigorous quality control checks before we let them into our food chain process.

This unique process of roasting at a specific temperature, ensures our bar will bring out the freshly roasted taste unique to each nut used in making of the bar.

Same attention to detail goes in selection our dried apricots, sultanas, blueberries, cranberries, plums and apples.

Lastly, only pure natural honey is needed to keep the bar together.

Best of all, every bar is palm oil free.

Our customers rely on our hard won reputation to make finest product that is worthy of being called - Know Bar.

It starts with you.